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New Patient - up to 60 minutes

Initial appointment - includes the taking of medical history, postural analysis, assessment and treatment of your injury/complaint. 
This is performed as a visual and hands-on approach whereby the aim is to establish the mechanism of injury in order to provide the best method of treatment.
Treatment times may be longer during your first visit to allow for your case information to be documented. 
You may be required to dress down to reveal the area of injury/pain, so please bring appropriate clothing.

Follow up patient  - up to 40 minutes

Depending on your injury/complaint, it may be required that you receive a course of treatment, that may consist of several sessions, or for chronic complaints, may feature as long-term management of your ailment. So after your initial appointment, this will be your option

Biomechanical assessment - 90 minutes

If you are experiencing pain during exercise, a biomechanical assessment will need to be performed to identify areas of imbalance and then a corrective programme designed to keep you moving and training whilst on the path to recovery.




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